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diesel locomotive 345 072-3

Builder:LEW Henningsdorf
Type:V 60
Works number:15603
Power output:650 PS
Maximum speed:60 km/h

Diesel loco 105 072 is a typical example of German State Railway locomotives used for shunting and light freight duties at all the larger stations on the DR from the early 1960s. The locomotives were originally designated type V60 and from the mid-1970s they were renumbered into classes 105 and 106.

Our locomotive was only delivered in 1977, thus belonging to one of the final construction lots of this locomotive type. Following reunification of the two German national railways, the loco has carried the number 345 072-3.

Until 1998, the loco was stationed in Nordhausen and from then until 2002 in Erfurt and Saalfeld. The DB AG withdrew all locomotives of this type by 2004, selling some to private railway operating, where some of them are working to this day.

This loco was acquired by the Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (MEG) in January 2003 which used it as a shunter until the middle of 2012, including time on the private works railway at the chemical factory BUNA.

The MEG was kind enough to pass the locomotive on to us on long-term loan in December 2012. Unfortunately, the loco is not in working order, its engine having been removed for the recovery of spares.


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