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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


30.05.2020: Baufortschritte und ein Test

Ende der vergangenen Woche konnte die Dachsanierung des Fragmentes des Lokschuppens 1 abgeschlossen werden. Alle Gerüste sind nun abgebaut und auch alle Maurerarbeiten abgeschlossen. Langsam kann man sich die Dimensionen des ehemaligen Lokschuppens vorstellen, wenn man bedenkt, dass sich das nun gut erkennbare Dachstück in einem vollständigen Kreis fortsetzte und die Mitte dieses Kreises auch noch überdacht war.

Da angestrebt wird, dass der Lokschuppen 1 eines Tages soweit möglich wieder errichtet wird und auch eine Drehscheibe und entsprechende Schuppengleise eingebaut werden sollen, werden dafür nun die Vorarbeiten durchgeführt. So konnten sich die Kollegen am Samstag archäologisch betätigen und einen Teil der noch vorhandenen, aber derzeit zugeschütteten Drehscheibengrube freigelegen, damit das Profil der Grubenwand gemessen und der Erhaltungszustand geprüft werden kann. In Kürze wird die notwendige Statik neu berechnet.

Fortschritte machte auch die Neulackierung des Tenders unserer Dampflok 50 3700 (Wir berichteten letzte Woche schon). Hier konnte der Kohlenkasten und der Wasserkasten auf der linken Seite neu lackiert werden.

Um den Aufbau und die Funktionsweise eines Dampflokkessels besser erklären zu können, hat ein Vereinsmitglied ein Schnittmodell eines Kessels in Handarbeit hergestellt. Nun ist es auch fertig lackiert und kann demnächst in unserem Ausstellungsraum aufgestellt werden.

Einen Probelauf konnte am Samstag unsere Diesellok 118 748 absolvieren. Um sie demnächst vielleicht einmal wieder einsetzen zu können, war es notwendig, alle hydraulischen, elektrischen, pneumatischen und mechanischen Systeme zu testen. Dabei präsentierte sich die Lok bei schönstem Sonnenschein auf der Drehscheibe.

vehicles: 50 3700-7, 118 748-3

Stichwörter: Infrastruktur

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23.05.2020: Latest News

After the station building in Wittenberge was acquired by the Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft some time ago and the rooms are now to be renovated and put to a different use, the question arose as to the whereabouts of the furnishings of the former Intershop sales outlet, which may still be known to one or two travelers. Since it is a railway relic of local significance, we are pleased to be able After the station building in Wittenberge was acquired by the Städtische Wohnungsgesellschaft some time ago and the rooms are now to be renovated and put to a different use, the question arose as to where to locate the fittings of the former Intershop sales outlet, which may still be familiar to one or two travellers. Since it is a railway relic of local significance, we are pleased to be able to rebuild it in our locomotive shed. Through the personal commitment of one of our members, the typical wall covering and someof the furniture will be installed in the passageway from our entrance hall to the engine shed. Last Saturday you could already see the future picture taking shape. A middle cabinet, a lot of furniture polish and decorative items are still missing.


Our steam locomotive EMMA has now taken on a little colour, and - as we reported - is delighted with her new coal box. This has now been painted with its final colour and all it needs now is a little patina.

An arrival on the back of an old-timer Magirus-Deutz lorry was a diesel loco hydro-dynamic transmission by the manufacturer MaK. On one side it is driven by the diesel engine of the locomotive and on the other side it transmits power to the driving wheels by frictional connection via different gears enclosed in an oil-bath. It is therefore similar in principle to the automatic transmission of a car, only much larger.

To ensure that the transmission is safe in its intended location in the workshop, wooden sleepers were prepared as a base. Here, the colleagues are struggling to unscrew the metal rail brackets.

The tender currently parked at the back of the engine shed and which has been decorated with graffiti belongs to our steam locomotive 50 3700 and has not made a very good impression so far. Since it probably didn't look good to people passing by train, we sanded off the graffiti, primed the water tank on the side of the vehicle and painted it black. But that’s not all: To protect the substance of the vehicle, it will be completely repainted over the summer.

16.05.2020: Work on vehicles continues

Unfortunately, there are no immediate commitments for 50 3570 but during the winter break we have worked on her left-hand driving wheel connecting rod bearing and re-installed it on 16.05.2020. This is the bearing located in the big end of the mighty rod connecting the piston rod from the steam cylinder with the locomotive’s öeft-hand driving wheel. This is known as a “plain bearing”. The bearing shells slide on the rotating journal on a very thin film of oil. Since the tractive force of the locomotive is transferred to the wheel here, the bearing must be very precisely machined and the oil lubrication must be sufficient to prevent the oil film rupturing and causing bearing damage.
On the first picture you can see that such a bearing consists of two halves. Here the rear half is just being installed. The front half is still missing. And always take care of your fingers!

On the next picture the bearing is completely inserted and the return crank can now be mounted in front of it. The return crank controls the movement of the valve spindle on which are mounted the piston valves, which in turn control the admission and exhaust phases of steam to and from the cylinder.

From the next picture, our young colleague is trying to tighten the bolts of the return crank. But don't worry. Our fitters have tightened the nuts a little bit and they are now tight.

We also carried on with construction site no. 2, rail car trailer 190 851, where we recently reported that the end walls below the windows were badly rusted. The rusty areas have in the meantime been cut out and corresponding metal sheets fabricated which are now being welded in place.

Construction site no. 3, the G10 freight car, is also on the road to recovery, now that the renovation of the underframe and the steel frame of the superstructure has almost been completed. Here is a short look back.
First, we see the car on 12.08.2019 shortly after the removal of the wooden walls began.

in the next picture you can see the car on 16.11.2019. The wooden side walls have already been completely removed and the front wall struts removed for reconditioning.

And the last picture shows one of the four springs, installed to protect the car body against strong shocks.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 190 851-6, G 10

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09.05.2020: "Karlsruhe" on the road to recovery

At the beginning of April, we reported that the steam locomotive originally built by Orenstein & Koppel for Karlsruhe gasworks has found its way into our museum. The following pictures show it after being loaded onto a low loader on its way to our museum and after unloading in front of our locomotive shed.

The owner aims to restore her to working order. In the last few days and weeks we have been working intensively and of course in compliance with all distance rules on our new acquisition, which so far only bears the working title Karlsruhe. As the boiler in particular is the critical element in such a project, we have paid special attention to it. First of all, all the tubes inside were removed and the thickness of the boiler was measured. This gave us some quite interesting light effects when a lamp was shone through the now empty tube plates.

We are pleased that the boiler inspector has now given the green light for the recommissioning. So now it's time to refurbish parts, or to produce new parts to replace those which are too badly worn to be refurbished.
At present, some sheet metal parts are being manufactured at the Bleckede engineering works. One of them is the ash pan. This is a container under the fire grate into which ashes from the fire fall so that they do not land on the tracks during running. The following picture shows the original on the left, on the right the newly-fabricated ash pan.

In addition, several sections of the pipework have been renewed. The following pictures show work on the inlet steam pipes, i.e. those connecting the boiler and the cylinders of the engine.

vehicle: Karlsruhe

08.05.2020: Rolling stock repairs and gardening

As we were able to open the museum for visitors again on May 9, we had to tidy up the premises before that. We do like flowers and plants, but only where they belong. One of the places where they definitely do not belong is around our permanent way. We therefore called in a specialist company to clear the weeds from our tracks professionally.

In Corona times you look for tasks that you can do on your own with safe social distancing. There is always something to do even if it is weed control by hand.

By the way, our rolling stock are also making good progress. Our G10 covered wagon is making good progress. It should actually have wooden board walls and a wooden floor. However, since the wood had rotted, it was all removed. Since the wagon is now much lighter, we were able to remove the axles, derust the axle guides and the axles themselves, repaint them and put the first axle back in.

The trailer 190 851, which reached us from Berlin a few weeks ago, is proving to require more work than we anticipated. Unfortunately, the ends are very badly marked by wind and weather and the rust corrosion has got a good foothold in the meantime and must be repaired.

02.05.2020: Woodwork

Although work is progressing very slowly due to the pandemic, we are nevertheless pleased to be able to present some interim results that are worth seeing. Firstly, the roof work on the remains of engine ... zum Artikel

13.04.2020: May event cancelled

Dear railway friends, ladies and gentlemen,

The Coronavirus pandemic is a stress test for all of us.

The situation demands a high degree of discipline, consideration and understanding ... zum Artikel

08.04.2020: New guest in Wittenberge

At short notice and rather unexpectedly a new exhibit reached us today, which will probably stay in the museum for some time. It is a small Orenstein & Koppel shunting locomotive, originally constructed ... zum Artikel

07.04.2020: Construction work in full swing

We are pleased to be able to announce some good news in view of the generally tense situation: The roofing of Engine shed number one is in full swing. The roofers are happy about the nice weather and are ... zum Artikel

21.03.2020: Construction work continues

In spite of Corona, work continues in the museum, but of course only as far as circumstances permit. Because the members do not want to endanger themselves or others. After all, a construction site is ... zum Artikel

17.03.2020: Season opening postponed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the season opening which was planned for 04.04.2020 has to be postponed indefinitely. We will inform you on our homepage when the museum will again be open on Saturday ... zum Artikel

29.02.2020: Preparations for the new season: Part 2

Last Saturday was devoted entirely to our steam engine 50 3570. Here too some maintenance work had to be done. The colleagues removed the piston valves in the two steam chests in order to clean them and ... zum Artikel

22.02.2020: Maintenance work in full swing

Preparations for the next season are in full swing. Firsta the vehicles: Emma's new coal box has been primed and we're now waiting for the air temperature to rise to a level that allows the green final ... zum Artikel

01.02.2020: Emma and others in the beauty salon

Only Emma knows how much coal was poured into her coal bunker and shovelled out from there by the countless firemen she has met in her life. So the ravages of time slowly gnawed away at her coal bunker, ... zum Artikel

25.01.2020: Latest news

The work on the Breuer tractor, about whose field of use and mode of operation we reported on last time, is continuing. For the first time, the transmission has been opened to see how far corrosion has ... zum Artikel

12.01.2020: The Breuer tractor

Many of our visitors will have stopped in front of a very special contraption. Since it looks a bit shapeless, you can't see its purpose right away. All that is clear is that it runs on rails.
We have ... zum Artikel

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