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Forthcoming steam weekends are available here.


09.10.2021: Autumn festival

In bright sunshine, the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge was celebrated its autumn festival last weekend. The event was very well attended. We welcomed a total of 1,400 guests. The consistently positive feedback encourages us that we are on the right track. Many thanks for your visit and also a big thank you to the RBB radio station in Perleberg, which referred to our event in its weekend tips.
But let's take it one step at a time: On the Friday before the event, we noticed that a small hare had fallen into the turntable pit and could not get out under its own power. So we held a hare hunt, caught the little guy and released him. He is doing well again.

Of course, the rolling stock and equipment also had to be prepared for the event. Locomotives had to be cleaned and supplies provided, barbecues, benches and tables prepared and food and drink bought, baked and cooked. Our special thanks at this point once again go to the Wittenberge fire brigade. Once again, they cooked their delicious pea soup and provided it for our guests.

On the days of the event we captured some more impressions, which we will show in the following.

Do you, dear guests, feel like sharing your pictures with us? If you have beautiful pictures of the event, we would be pleased to receive a selection and publish them here later. Please send us an email to, attach the pictures and tell us whether we may mention your name in case of publication. Thank you very much!

12.09.2021: Open Monument Day

Last Sunday, our museum took part in the annual Open Monument Day, this time under the motto "Being and Appearance - in History, Architecture and Monument Preservation". Not least because of the friendly weather, many guests visited the Historic Engine Shed and enjoyed guided tours of the facility. Members of the association informed the very interested public on site about our activities and current projects, about which we also report here regularly.
Visible preservation activities could be seen on our steam locomotive 44 594, which is currently on display in the outdoor area. It has been given a new coat of paint to continue to withstand the weather and corrosion.

Those who have had a closer look at the turntable may have noticed that there is more order in the control house. A storage board has been added here for various accessories such as keys and signalling equipment.

Not visible from the outside, but nevertheless important for the operation of our steam locomotive 50 3570 is the corrosion protection in the tender of the locomotive. The large water tank in the tender has various struts and baffles that need to be cleaned and freed from rust every few years. This also applies to the tender's water level indicator (visible in the foreground of the following picture). Its square float moves a pointer on the driver's cab side of the tender. On a scale mounted there, the locomotive driver and fireman can see how much water is in the tender and thus calculate when they will have to add water the next time.

On the evening of the Open Monument Day, the locomotive shed was used as a backdrop for a reading from Egon Friedell's "Cultural History of Modern Times". The reading by Christian Manuel Oliveira and the classical music of the Wunderkammer ensemble delighted the audience. We thank you very much for the performance of the lecturers and your visit, dear guests!

vehicles: 44 594, 50 3570-4

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15.08.2021: Summer festival at the Historic Engine Shed Wittenberge

Due to holidays and relocation, we are now providing a short review of our summer festival on 14 and 15 August 2021. First of all, we would like to thank the approximately 1,400 visitors who found their way to us on both days and hope that they had a good time with us. For all those who were unable to make it to this event, we would like to recommend 8 and 9 October 2021. This is when our autumn event will take place and we hope that we will be able to inspire you again with a colourful programme.
Here are a few snapshots from the last event:

It is also worth mentioning that the refurbishment of our sidecar 197 805 is making noticeable progress. Now that the windows have been replaced, the new interior panelling can be fitted and installed. Here are two pictures of the progress:

At this point we would also like to report on a valuable donation in kind. We received a number plate from steam locomotive 03 2142 and the signage of the last home depot in Halberstadt. This express steam locomotive was used, among other things, to pull special government trains. We thank the kind donor very much and promise to find an appropriate place for this valuable piece.

vehicle: 197 805-5

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30.07.2021: Current work

In the meantime we had to do some maintenance work on our steam locomotives. Steam locomotive 50 3570 needed some holes to be plugged in the ash box. So the industrious colleague heroically went inside the locomotive and welded the holes shut.

On the Emma steam locomotive, the task was to clean the so-called DeLimon oiler. It is used to supply the steam cylinders with oil so that the pistons and slides are lubricated. To do this, it was disassembled, the nozzles cleaned and reassembled.

The S200 diesel locomotive now shines in new splendour. It has shed its washed-out green paint scheme and now shines in a grey colour with black trim. The running gear is painted red.

The car transport wagon from Walter Ulbricht's government train also needs a little attention. So the tracks inside the car were cleaned and repainted to give rust no chance.

Work was also done on the property. So some rear doors and windows were repainted, which are located at the access to the property to our neighbours. They now have a more pleasant sight again.

Last but not least, we were able to salvage several lengths of rail from the neighbouring woods. With the help of an excavator, which was present at the time, the track yokes could be pulled out of the dense vegetation. The sleepers are rotten but the rails are still usable and serve as a basis for the future reconstruction of locomotive shed 1.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, S 200 13, Autotransportwaggon

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03.07.2021: Trial steaming

Last weekend we fired up our operational steam locomotives for a test run. This required some preparations, some of which had already been completed last Friday. For example, the steam regulator on steam locomotive 50 3570 had to be installed and the steam dome had to be closed. Father and son did that.

Then the locomotive was pulled out of the shed and all lubrication points were oiled.

While this was going on, the coal tank for our little steam locomotives was loaded with coal.

Afterwards the locomotives were heated up one after the other.

Early on Saturday morning the supplies were replenished, like here the water supply of our steam locomotive Emma.

The turntable also got some lubricant. In the following picture one of the bolts is being lubricated, which keeps the turntable in position while the vehicles are moving up and down.

During the day we also found time to install the second axle of our Breuer tractor.

Reliably, however, the steam locomotive Emma did its duty. It shuttled with a passenger car from the locomotive shed to the station and performed some shunting tasks.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, Breuer Lokomotor

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