Forthcoming steam weekends (2023): 06-07 May 2023; 08-09 July 2023; 10 September 2023; 07-08 October 2023
Opening hours at other times: from 08 April 2023 to 21 October 2023 every saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Further information is available here.
06-07 May 2023: Frühjahrsdampf


15.06.2022: Some progress

Currently, the last painting work is being done on the new tender for steam locomotive 50 3570. Thus, the tender bridge, i.e. the front side facing the cab, was primed and repainted.

Also, the coupler irons were cleaned, inspected for cracks, and repainted. They are now ready to be reinstalled between the locomotive and tender.

Thankfully, a colleague has done some home work to create a cutaway model of a steam locomotive boiler. The model has now been painted and screwed onto a stand. It will soon enrich our exhibition. Good to see are different colored areas inside. The firebox is painted orange, the water-bearing section is blue, and the smokebox is brown.
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