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07.09.2018: A new arrival: 102 172-4

On September 5, 2018, diesel loco 102 172 arrived by low-loader, a new exhibit for the Historischer Lokschuppen Wittenberge museum. The machine is one of the German State Railway's (DR) 1021 class, a class which saw service from Wittenberge depot for over 25 years.
At the end of the 1960s, the DR was in need of modern diesel locomotives for light shunting and main line service. Based on experience gained with the machines of classes V 1510/V 1520 and V 23, the DR however planned on a further development. In collaboration with the loco builder VEB Lokomotivbau "Karl Marx" Babelsberg (LKM), a new 220 HP diesel loco was designed which was originally designated class V 231. While the motor and gearbox of the DR's class V 23 were utilised almost unaltered, the chassis, driver's cab and bodywork were all completely redesigned. In the interests of improved ride quality, the wheelbase for the V 231 was extended to 3,560 mm. Apart from that, the hornplate stays, jackshaft bearing and the wheel sets were strengthened. Series construction of the V 231 started in summer 1970 and the first examples were put into service by the DR in July of that year. By January 1971, LKM Babelsberg had delivered a total of 157 machines.
Their orange livery and angular shape earned the diesel locomotives of class 1021 the nickname of "garden sheds". In some railway depots, they were also known as "postboxes". Wittenberge depot was to receive six of these machines in autumn 1970, straight from the factory. Here, the diesel locos were not only used on light shunting and engineer's train duties, but also took charge of passenger and freight trains on the circular route known as the "Kreisringbahn" (reg

vehicle: 102 172-4

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