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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


05.07.2020: A summer festival in corona times

Last weekend we held our first public event since the relaxation of corona protection measures. Granted, we didn't know if it was going to be a flop, because maybe nobody dared to go to such an event. Fortunately, the opposite was the case and over 1,200 guests came to visit the museum. We are very happy that so many visitors came, and behaved in so disciplined a manner and everyone had a lot of fun at the event. Thanks for that!
But one thing at a time: On the Friday before the event, the vehicles were arranged as usual, the steam locomotives were fired up and this time the necessary ground markings and guidance systems were also installed in order to organize a regulated visitor traffic with sodial distancing. In addition, 50 3570 was sent to the port of Wittenberge for a trial run to see if the work we had carried out on the runnung gear recently had been successful. The trip was completed without incident and the following photo shows the locomotive on its way to the harbour

On Saturday the public part of the event started, where the visitors behaved in an exemplary manner and kept the required distances

The cake buffet was of course also prepared accordingly and ensured smooth visitor traffic through a guidance system.

Outside there were many vehicles to be admired. For example, the Potsdam railway company had provided two class 142 electric locomotives for the exhibition.

A colourful formation was also provided by the passenger train for the branch lines of the Prignitz, consisting of a class 102 diesel locomotive and the diesel railcar trailer VB 197 805.

Of course, steam operation was not neglected. Here, 50 3570 is presented on the turntable, while the locomotive Pritzwalk waits alongside for her turn to appear.

For the first time in the history of our museum we also offered trips on the museum grounds with a short museum train. The idea was actually born of necessity, in that we could not offer cab rides with our small steam locomotives due to the distancing requirement. So we coupled a historic passenger coach from 1900 between the two small locomotives, in which our visitors could experience travelling on "wood class" seating or could have a look into the driver's cabs of the locomotives from the end platforms. The car offered enough space and good ventilation.

Popular as always were our vehicle parades at around two o'clock on each day at the event. The next picture shows 50 3570 passing some enthusiastic spectators

After a longer period of idleness, diesel locomotive 118 748 was allowed to show once again that it's not dead yet. The new owner of the locomotive had agreed and a railway inspector had previously certified the orderly condition of the machine. So it was put into service for the parades.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 118 748-3, 197 805-5

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