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29.05.2022: Steel hard and classical music

Last Saturday, some active people concentrated on the completion of the tender of our steam locomotive 50 3570. Here, especially the so-called coupling irons were to be examined, which connect the tender with the actual locomotive. These are a total of three approximately leg-thick metal rods that are attached to the tender and the locomotive. These had to be removed, inspected and repainted. This was a tough job because the bolts holding the coupler bars in the tender hadn't moved in years and were rusted solid accordingly. To loosen them, it took a lot of heat from the welding torch and more or less discreet blows with the sledgehammer. Finally, the coupling irons, each weighing around 100 kilograms, could be removed.

In addition, some rust and lime deposits were removed from the tender's water tank. This was done with a compressed air needle, which makes a hell of a noise. It is definitely advisable to wear hearing protection during the work.

Work in the sidecar 197 805 was much quieter, but still busy. Here, the interior work on the walls continued.

In the late afternoon, at least the noisy work had to be stopped, because - as announced - a classical concert was held in the engine shed. If you would like to experience something like this, you will have another opportunity on June 26 from 5 p.m. on. Tickets are available on site.

Already in the course of the past week, work was done again on our tracks. Several wooden sleepers were replaced with concrete ones. In addition, a railroad axle was placed on a piece of track at the street corner opposite our signal box Wm to draw attention to our museum.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, 197 805-5

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