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04.12.2022: Almost like in the days of the German Reichsbahn

Last week, steam locomotive 01 509 had to be fired up, because it was supposed to haul a speial train from Plauen to Wernigerode on Saturday. This, as some may know, is not so easy. In order to put the oilfired locomotive into operaion, a steam donor is needed, this time in the form of our steam locomotive 50 3570.
So, early Wednesday morning, the coal-fired steam locomotive 50 3570 was fired up first.

After this locomotive was under steam, it was coupled to 01 509 and the heating lines of the two locomotives were connected. On the following picture you can see the heating line under the buffers between the two locomotives

Then, over a period of several hours, steam was pumped from 50 3570 into 01 0509. This steam was first used to preheat the 01's heavy oil supply to about 60 degrees so that the oil would become liquid. In addition, the water in the locomotive's boiler was slowly warmed up. After a few hours, the 01's oil burners were finally put into operation to inject the now liquid heavy oil into the locomotive's combustion chamber. The resulting oil mist was ignited with a fuse, thus lighting the fire in the 01's boiler. The burners then had to work for several hours to heat the water in the locomotive's boiler and bring the boiler up to the necessary operating pressure.
After several hours, 01 509 then had the necessary steam pressure to be able to move under its own power.

How the heating of the 01 509 works, we have also shown in a small film. You can find it on our Youtube channel or under the following link:

What else happened?

Last Saturday, we could start with the winter maintenance of our steam locomotive 50 3570. First, the water was drained from the boiler and the tender to avoid frost damage and to be able to wash out the boiler.

The interior work on our car 190 805 progressed with clearly visible steps. Here, the new plywood ceiling paneling could be installed.

And of course there are always some "little things" to do. In the dark season, for example, it is immediately noticeable when lamps are defective. The colleague who is free from giddiness then has to climb to lofty heights to change the bulbs.

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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