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08.05.2018: A glimpse behind the scenes of the railway parties at train depot

By tradition, a locoshed party means a lot of work; preparations alone take at least a day. To give you, our visitors, a look behind the scenes, we have assembled this series of photographs to show you, from the viewpoint of our active members, what is involved.
Preparation day starts off with a hearty breakfast.

Then the major shunting work begins. Here, EMMA is hauled out of the shed to be placed where she will be fired up.

Further exhibits will be placed in the open air, for example the class 345 diesel loco.

Oh yes - we mustn't forget to clean them...

Fire up the steam loco. To do this, first a wood fire is lit in the firebox.

From time to time, check the firewood stocks. Luckily, there's still plenty there.

Place the power shovel to coal the steam locomotive.

Stock up on drinks.

Arrange other exhibits.

Check on the steam engine to make sure the fire's still well alight.

Recheck the rail gauges.

Last checks on the small vehicles as well.

Then - let the party begin! As a working member, you generally have relatively little chance to take any photographs. A few views like these are some reward for all the work put in. We see many happy visitors and thank you all for coming. We hope to see you again soon.

Stichwörter: Veranstaltung

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