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16.12.2017: Locomotive 50 3570 on the wheelset lathe

The wheels of railway vehicles have a special profile on their running surfaces. On the one hand, they have a flange on the inner side so that the wheels remain on the rail. On the other hand, the running surfaces also have a special profile so that the wheels run safely and quietly on the rails. From time to time these profiles have to be re-turned because even metal wheels or tyres can deform over time. This was also the case with our locomotive 50 3570.

On 10.12.2017 we therefore sent her, towed by a diesel locomotive on her way to Neustrelitz, where there is an underfloor wheel-turning lathe. Here the whole locomotive is driven onto the lathe and the wheels are turned in an installed condition by the lathe's powerful electric motors. Then a turning tool is driven against the wheels and metal layers are removed from the running surfaces of the wheels until the profile is right again. The pictures show the transfer of the steam locomotive to Glash

vehicle: 50 3570-4

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25.11.2017: storm effects

After the past two storms, we are working on repairing the damage. On the one hand, the storms ripped off extensive areas of the roofing felt that protects our engine shed from rainwater. In the next few days, about 750 square metres of roofing felt will have to be newly applied. To protect the roofers, a scaffold was erected in front of the part of the building affected.

But the storm also had a positive effect on the museum: a number of trees were uprooted, blocking neighbouring roads and tracks. Several of them were put at the museum's disposal, to be cut up into firewood, so there should be no shortage of that in the near future!

14.10.2017: Visit of road classics to the locomotive shed

The old-timer friends from Potsdam took advantage of the beautiful autumn weather to take a trip to the Prignitz. One stop of the trip was at the Historischer Lokschuppen Wittenberge, where people and machines took a break. While the participants took a guided tour through the collection, the vintage cars sunbathed on the apron.

06.10.2017: Storm damage

The storm-front Xavier hit the historical locomotive shed Wittenberge hard. Due to the extreme gusts of wind, a 400 square metre piece of multilayer roofing felt was torn off and blown onto the tracks of the Wittenberge - Stendal railway line behind the engine shed. The missile, estimated to weigh a good two tons, damaged the overhead line and bent a catenary mast. After the accident site had been made safe by the Deutsche Bahn emergency team, ten active members cut the roofing felt into portable pieces and carried it away from the tracks in a four-hour session on Friday after the storm. The roof of the locomotive shed is now damaged, but on the next two weekends the museum can still be visited without restriction before the roof is repaired during the winter break.

24.09.2017: Emma at MaLoWa

Our Emma is currently at the MaLoWa railway workshop, where work is being carried out on the chassis and boiler, among other things. Here are some pictures of this work.

vehicle: Emma

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