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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


28.03.2022: Preparation for the season

You wouldn't believe it, but three weeks have passed since our last news. In this time some things worth reporting have happened again. But let's start from the beginning:
The loading bay of our railcar Skl has been provided with new wooden planks and presents itself at least externally again in best condition. We are currently still trying to improve the technology. For this purpose, a new starter motor has to be installed. We still have one in stock, but its magnetic switch is unfortunately defective. If any of you, dear readers, still have a starter for a Robur diesel engine or a corresponding magnetic switch (24V) and no longer need it, please feel free to contact us (mail to Thank you!

The rising temperatures could also be used to advance the painting of diesel loco 0605. Here the driver's cab and the engine hood could be painted green.

On the tender of steam locomotive 50 3570, the roller bearings of the tender axles were provided with new grease.

On the large diesel locomotives, the starter batteries were serviced. Distilled water was added and the batteries were then charged with 110 V DC. This can be seen here on the class 114 and 118 diesel locomotives.

Diesel locomotive 102 076 had its first run out after completion of its new paint scheme and first presented itself with its blue heaviest in front of the locomotive line, labeled as the works locomotive of the Wittenberg oil mill.

Then 102 076 towed the steam locomotive Emma to the wood yard. There, logs were loaded with which the locomotive can be fired up soon.

At our diesel locomotive 60022 the compressed air bottles were loaded. They contain compressed air to start the mighty diesel engine, which was running again for the first time this year.

Busy hands were also working in the building. Here our small parts store could be stocked with material. Screws, nuts and gaskets now have an orderly place.

Last but not least, the plaster on one wall of the locomotive conduit was replaced. After drying and painting, the heater could be reattached.

We also had an unusual guest visit us for one day. This was a class 218 diesel locomotive, now painted in the Intercity colors of the former Deutsche Bundesbahn. The locomotive was built in 1971 by Krupp and is now owned by NeSA Eisenbahnbetriebsgesellschaft.

vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, 60022, Schwerkleinwagen Typ Schöneweide

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