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06-07 July 2024: Sommerdampf


22.10.2022: After the season is before the season.

Today, Saturday, the museum was open for the last time this year. Quite a few visitors took this opportunity to pay us another visit. Thank you very much for coming this year.
The active members were busy preparing some locomotives for the winter. Thus, all steam locomotives were stripped of their slag and their fireboxes and smokeboxes were thoroughly cleaned. In the case of the steam locomotive Emma, the boiler was also washed out because lime scale builds up on its inside during operation. You may know this from your kettle or the heating rod of your washing machine at home. The limescale must be removed from time to time. To do this, all the washing hatches in the boiler are opened and the boiler is washed out with a sharp jet of water.
The following picture shows the colleague opening a hatch on the top of the boiler.

After rinsing, the result shows: lime residues are flushed out of the boiler

At 50 3570, the check valves have been removed. They are used to seal the lines through which fresh water can be fed into the boiler during operation. The valves consist of two parts: On the one hand, a housing with a sealing edge in it, and on the other hand, the actual valve body. The latter converges conically at the end and is pressed against the seat in the housing by the steam pressure in the boiler. If a pump is now turned on, the valve body is lifted out of the seat by the pump pressure and water can flow through the gap. The parts are made of brass to prevent them from rusting. However, brass is a relatively soft metal. Thus, closing the valve can cause a furrow to form in the valve body when it is pressed back onto the seat. This will cause the valve to leak over time. Valve bodies and seats must therefore be regularly reworked on the lathe. Here are a few pictures of the removal and machining of a valve and a comparison before and after machining.

Unfortunately, diesel locomotive 0604 developed an oil leak after the end of the last event, which now had to be localized. Fortunately, it now turns out that only the pressure hose to the oil pressure gauge in the driver's cab had leaked.

Dear visitors, that was the report from this weekend. We will of course keep you updated, also during the winter break. If you would like to visit the museum during the winter break, it will be possible by arrangement. Please register by mail or telephone. Contact details for this can be found in the imprint of our website. The museum will reopen regularly on 8.4.2023. Thank you and see you soon!
vehicles: 50 3570-4, Emma, OHE 0604

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