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19.01.2019: Update on maintenance work

Several members took advantage of the good and generally frost-free weather to bury a signalling cable - a long outstanding task - leading from our signal box Wm to the extreme southern tip of our premises, to a shunt signal. This signal can give clearance from the signal box for a "shunt ahead" movement by colour-light signal. It is planned to install a telephone there as well, so a telephone cable was laid at the same time. Fortunately, it was possible to use a mini-excavator to dig the trench, which was some 250 metres in length.

The work was completed on Sunday afternoon.

We have reported for the past two weekends on the work - more accurately, demolition work - going on to remove the trackwork from No. 1 road in the locoshed. Over the past week, the foundation has been sufficiently consolidated to allow us to put new sleepers in place. However, these must still be suitably trimmed to fit in the layout, and this is no easy task. The first photograph shows the situation with the first of the new sleepers, which will be followed by further sleepers to permit the new rails to be laid.

Work continues on our railcar trailer VB 197 805. The society is hoping to be able to recondition the vehicle to enable it to carry members of the public once again. First of all, the operational logbook of the vehicle has been examined since, without this piece of paper, which has roughly the same function as the logbook of a car, re-certification of the vehicle would be administratively very difficult and complicated.

In addition, the panels with the vehicle number were exposed, which identified it as VB 147 027. This was the earlier number of the vehicle.

Work on diesel loco 60022 also continued. Other members of the society took advantage of the good weather to carry out some dusty tasks outside the shed. Here parts of the braking system are being cleaned of dirt and rusty deposits, so that they can be painted with rust inhibitor paint.

vehicles: 60022, 197 805-5

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