Forthcoming steam weekends: 08-09 October 2022; 06-07 May 2023; 08-09 July 2023; 10 September 2023; 07-08 October 2023
Opening hours at other times: from 09 April 2022 to 22 October 2022 every saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.
Further information is available here.
08-09 October 2022: Herbstdampf

Water crane


Behind the notice board is one of three water cranes used for watering steam engines. This water crane has an underground pipe connecting it to the water tower at the rear of the premises and was returned to its old position by members in 2015. This installation makes it possible to fill a steam locomotive tender with about 25 m3 (5625 imp. gallons) of water needed for generating steam within ten minutes, The installation is in working order, and is demonstrated on steaming days.

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