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The Rotunda, or roundhouse


We are now on the area which was covered by former loco shed No. 1 of Wittenberge motive power depot. This was a rotunda, or totally enclosed roundhouse, with a turntable in the middle. The building was extremely striking, having a gigantic domed roof. However, this was destroyed by a storm in the 1980s. The building itself was demolished at the end of the 1990s as it was partially obstructing the course of the line being newly laid at that time between Wittenberge station and the bridge over the Elbe. A small fragment was left standing to serve as a car repair workshop and garage. The original arrangement of tracks in this building can be identified on the floor-plan. The position of the turntable can be recognised today by a circular car park.
In the medium term, it is the museum's intention to recreate part of the installations and for this purpose in 2015, the active members recovered a suitable turntable from the former depot in Parchim. Further steps in this development encompass restoration of the turntable deck, removal of the car park already mentioned and re-installation of the turntable deck. Thereafter, we intend to relay some of the individual tracks. The long-term aim is to return the surviving parts of the building to their original use and to reconstruct further parts of the building.

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