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The loco shed


The picture shows a panoramic view of the museum's loco shed. The loco shed originally had 19 tracks under cover for stabling engines. or which 16 remain today. The two tracks on the extreme left were lifted in the 1960s and the space thus created converted into a materials store. The stall on the extreme right had been lifted at an earlier date, divided off by a wall and given a false ceiling and workshops, changing rooms and washing facilities were provided there.
The loco shed was in regular use until 1996. Thereafter, the last users moved out and the premises and the buildings were left to their own devices. While the building started to crumble, a birch coppice took root in front of it and by the year 2010 it had grown so high and dense that the picture of the loco shed shown on the photograph could not possibly have been taken.

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